Metaverse, what is it and why do we need it?

The phenomena of Metaverses


For the last decade blockchain and its technologies proved that it can work efficiently and safe enough. And today we have a new, expected to be successful, developing thing that has already started working and it is – Metaverse. Let us explain in a nutshell what it is and how it works.


The idea of Metaverse was born in 1992 and today we are still in the process of making it real. The most common explanation – Metaverse is a parallel alternative universe where users can create their own characters or projections of themselves and with the help of digital technologies interact with others. You may even use virtual reality (VR) accessories to get there deeper and expand your experience.


Metaverse is also a great solution for making distant cooperation variouser. You can work from home but at the same time you can be present in your virtual office, at your meeting with your colleagues and of course you have access to communication. Instead of a real user, there are avatars shown by virtual characters or gallograma, so you can even recognise the emotions and reactions of your companion.

Metaverse opens for us a wide range of new opportunities and it is profitable both for single users and business companies. There is no centralized control for managing Mataverse and this platform provides transparency for users.

Current showcases



There are many supporters of the Metaverse idea and many of them have implemented it or have taken part in developing. We provide you with some bright examples and begin with Decentraland. It is a virtual-reality platform and metaverse powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Decentraland is a virtual world where you can buy digital real estate and create experiences, products, and games. You can explore lands owned by other users when you join the Decentraland metaverse. You can also access virtual experiences and events. For example, Decentraland hosted a fashion week in March 2022.


There is another well-known existing metaverse The Sandbox. It is also based on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to create new assets and subsequently monetize their experience. Sandbox is a decentralized metaverse that offers an ecosystem for gaming as well. The mission of The Sandbox is to build, own, and scale gaming experience in a virtual world. Transactions in Sandbox use the in-game $SAND token. Once you earn $SAND, you can use it within this virtual reality or sell it on a cryptocurrency exchange.


As you can see the current metaverses provide a variety of possibilities, and if you want to become a part of these ecosystems we can help you with this integration.




Value which Metaverses bring



Today the main aim of Metaverse – communication and it reaches mostly via gamification actions. Having this space users can not only communicate but also attend virtually different events, travel, do sports, explore new cultures and earn money. And this variety of action forms a new unexplored field for your income.
According to the latest research, the tendency shows a major part of already existing successful products launched at blockchain, games especially, are also placed at Metaverse. That’s why Metaverse is a solution for you if you want to have your business in a new way.


Moreover, many experts are convinced that Metaverse can change business holding approaches, particularly values exchange, new business models, broadening possibilities for a huge amount of people. Metaverse is a new branch for art related professions, it is also expected to be beneficial for industries like education, sports, social media, entertainment (TV shows, movies), e-commerce and virtual fashion.


To sum up, Metaverse is expected to be a really beneficial tool but not explored enough for today and at the same time a very soon coming opportunity for progressive users and many businesses. So if you are brave to start a new adventure and ready to get one step closer to the metaverse and implement blockchain, VR or other technologies – just let us help you! We are open for new projects!



Metaverse can be used for as many fields as you can imagine like sale of products and lands, construction and rental of spaces, creation of immersive experiences and events, distance work and training, marketing and many more...
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