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Step into a world where game development and gamification aren’t just industries; they’re vibrant realms of creativity and innovation. Biom Studio isn’t your typical workplace; it’s a sanctuary for game enthusiasts, creators, and visionaries crafting the extraordinary.”

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Who we are

Unlocking Creativity, Defining the Future

At Biom Studio, we're not just about pixels and codes; we're a mosaic of gaming aficionados, dreamers, and pioneers. Our tapestry of diversity and creativity is woven into every gaming masterpiece we create. Join us, where every team member is a maestro, composing the symphony of our gaming universe.


At Biom Studio, we thrive on the cutting edge of the digital realm, where evolution is constant. Embracing the ever-shifting trends of the modern world, we recognize that our triumph is intricately tied to the passion and ingenuity of creative minds aligned with our vision.

What we do

Forging Digital Masterpieces in the Gaming Universe

Biom Studio is the realm where imagination seamlessly merges with reality. We craft games that transcend conventional boundaries, blending state-of-the-art development with groundbreaking gamification. Each project is a canvas, and every stroke reflects our unwavering commitment to redefine digital experiences. Join us in shaping the future of gaming and innovation.

What Awaits You

Unleash Your Potential, Game Change

Quest for Growth

Embark on a journey of professional growth at Biom Studio. Break free from limitations and discover new horizons in the dynamic realms of game development and gamification.

Magic in Efficiency

Experience the enchantment of a workplace where processes are spells, weaving efficiency and innovation seamlessly. At Biom, your ideas take flight in a transparent and swift environment.

Family of Pixels

Join our gaming family, a realm where collaboration is our superpower. Our friendly environment is the perfect potion, blending teamwork, celebration, and a dash of pixelated magic.

Thrilling Ventures

Dive into a universe of diverse gaming projects that promise not just challenges but thrilling adventures for learning and innovation. At Biom Studio, we create games that defy the ordinary and captivate hearts worldwide.


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  • Receive feedback about your expertise
  • Get more details about your project and your mission at the company
  • Welcome to the team

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